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[From archive] Liska is wrapped topless with clear cling film, taped and tries to escape

May 25, 2017 − Liska

6:07 minutes

Liska is wrapped topless with clear cling film and completely helpless taped in hogtie position. She is also tape gagged with the same black duct tape. She tries to escape but without good effect. Even using a scissors she can only frees her legs, but no more...



[From archive] Liska is wrapped topless with clear cling film and taped

May 20, 2017 − Liska

90 images

Liska wraps herself in clear cling film. Firstly she wraps her legs, then her body and hands.

Finally she gags herself with black duct tape.

After that she gets some help and soon her hands are taped behind her back and she is completely helpless taped in hogtie position.



Anni Bay & Dakota - pair hogtie wrapped 02

May 15, 2017 − Anni Bay, Dakota

63 images

Now the fun started.

Dakota takes the silver duct tape and quickly taped Anni Bay hands behind her back.

Then she add more wrapping to fix hands to the boby and add more duct tape to fix Anni Bay feet, legs and just for fun over her chest.

Finally Dakota gags Anni Bay.

Then she kissed he helpless friend and play with new toy. Dakota even put Anni Bay on the bed and tickle her feet...



[From archive] Blue Flame - hogtaped in bikini with red and white duct tape

May 15, 2017 − Blue Flame

83 images

Blue Flame is posed in bikini for typical "glamour" photoshoot. Suddenly her legs were taped with red and white duct tape. She tried to do anything with it but soon she got her hands tightly taped too. She tried to struggle, but without any success. Moreover, she soon was gagged with the same red and white tape. And finally to minimize her struggling, her feet were taped to her hands, so she was hogtaped. She struggled hard but can't get free. Finally she was freed with the scissors.



[From archive] Marvita is captured and wrapped by Rozanka

May 10, 2017 − Marvita, Rozanka

80 images

Marvita is sitting on the sofa and packing her bag before travel. Her flatmate Rozanka entered the room and asked where is Marvita going to go. Marvita shows her ticket to the Mavritius and banishes her flatmate. It's not the best idea. Rozanka went out but soon she returns back with cling film and duct tape. She quickly grabs Marvita, wrap her into black cling film and tape gagged. Rozanka decides, that it's not honest to visit Mavritius and leave helpless Marvita at home alone, so she find the decision. Rozanka removes all Marvita clothes from the bag and put helpless girl into the bag. So Marvita will visit Mavritius, but only as helpless Rozanka's toy, in baggage.



Anni Bay & Dakota - pair hogtie wrapped 01

May 08, 2017 − Anni Bay, Dakota

61 images

Once again Anita Bay agreed to play with Dakota.

Anita already had some specific experience with this girl, but also Anita really like to play bondage and wrapping games with Dakota.

Anyway, when Dakota suggest to play wrapping game Anita agrees and girls quickly undressed each other and make "costumes" using clear cling film...



[From archive] Gatitta - hogcuffed bride packed in trash bag

May 05, 2017 − Gatitta

65 images

Gatitta is cuffing herself onscreen with darby style cuffs. Firstly she cuffed her wrists, than ankles. After that she is gagging herself with white ball gag. Later she put herself in hogcuffed position. Than she is packed into black trash bag and got the gift bow on her ball gag.



Dana & Mishel - Hogtaped and packed at the river (video 2)

May 01, 2017 − Dana, Mishel

6:52 minutes

Unfortunately for Mishel, she is not only one who love to tape up and pack cute girl.

Stranger caught her at this process, so Mishel removes her clothes and soon lays next to Dana in the same hogtaped position.

In fact she was not completely against bondage, but she hopes to be taped by Dana when table was turned...

Then Mishel was packed in trash bag like Dana was and finally tape was placed from girls gags to their feet make them arched a lot and left for struggle in front of their car...



[From archive] Alexa and Satisfaction Girl are wrapped together in clear cling film and duct taped

April 30, 2017 − Alexa, Satisfaction Girl

56 images

Alexa and Satisfaction Girl are very close friend. They are posed together and play with each other, but we decide to make them even more closer.

Soon they are wrapped together in clear cling film, duct taped with silver duct tape and even tape gagged with the same tape.

They struggling much but can't do anything useful. They even are put donw on the floor to show their pretty cute feet taped together.

What a vulnerable situation for these girls!



[From archive] Allishka - mummified staying into the trash bag and escapes

April 25, 2017 − Allishka

5:30 minutes

Allishka is mummified into the black trash bag with red duct tape. She is also gagged with the same duct tape.

She is struggling hard firstly staying, later laying on the sofa and finally she is getting free, using a scissors.