Anni Bay & Dakota - pair hogtie wrapped (video) 0
Anni Bay & Dakota - pair hogtie wrapped (video) 1
Anni Bay & Dakota - pair hogtie wrapped (video) 2

Once again Anita Bay agreed to play with Dakota.

Anita already had some specific experience with this girl, but also Anita really like to play bondage and wrapping games with Dakota.

Anyway, when Dakota suggest to play wrapping game Anita agrees and girls quickly undressed each other and make "costumes" using clear cling film...

Now the fun started.

Dakota takes the silver duct tape and quickly taped Anni Bay hands behind her back.

Then she add more wrapping to fix hands to the boby and add more duct tape to fix Anni Bay feet, legs and just for fun over her chest.

Finally Dakota gags Anni Bay.

Then she kissed he helpless friend and play with new toy. Dakota even put Anni Bay on the bed and tickle her feet...

Dakota wants to be taped too, so she called her friend.

Friend arrived and taped Dakota in the same way as Anni Bay already was taped.

Then he taped this girls staying face to face and finally put them on the bed and put in hogtied position.

Now Anni Bay and Dakota are really very close friends.