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When nurse La Pulya got an emergency call she does not know how it ends.

She arrive to the destination and found Dana, laying on the carpet. La Pulya doesn't know that it's a trap. Dana makes this call herself just to capture La Pulya and her car. So poor La Pulya soon was captured and taped by Dana.

Dana taped nurses hands and feet and gag her with red duct tape. Then Dana removes nurse uniform and plays with her helpless captive.

Then Dana adds more duct tape to make La Pulya hogtape more strict. She even connect La pulya's feet with her gag.

Finally Dana moves her captive to the bacseat of car ant take a driver seat for some relax and listening music...

Unfortunately for Dana, nurse La Pulya has a big experience in escape from bondage. So she can escape from Dana's duct tape bondage and then table was turned.

Now Dana is helpless prisoner of nurse La Pulya.

Firstly nurse taped Dana's hands in fron of her, just to take her out of car, but then she tape it behind her back and additionally taped her elbows.

Then nurse remove her doctor's smock and spends some time playing with her former captor.

After that nurse La Pulya puts Dana down, tapes her ankles and gag her. Finally La Pulya take the driver seat and thinks about next movement.

Then nurse La Pulya decides to chahnge Dana's bondage. Soon Dana was moven into hogtaped position.

After that La Pulya makes a call to find out is any other real patiant waiting for her and found out that she has free time.

So she moves Dana on a back seat of her car and start her way home to play with her new plaything...