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Elvina wants to play with her friend Sara, but Sara has another ideas to spent her time.

Unfortunately for poor Sara, Elvina doesn't accept negative answer. She returns with hemp rope and soon Sara is laying on the floor in her panties helplessly hogtied by Elvina.

Then Elvina decides that two bound girls can have double fun, so she call her friend...

Waiting for her friend arrival, Elvina starts to play with her captive cute feet.

Later she got another one call from her friend and reccomendation to change her captive bondage to make it more comfortable for a long time bondage.

Finally Elvina started to undress herself to be ready for her friend arrival and double fun begin...

Elvina removes her clothes till her panties and return to her helpless friend.

Elviba plays with her captive Sara for some time, then lie down next to Sara and shows her some ideas for future games on her smartphone.

Finally Elvina leaves Sara alone, while she is going for trash bags and duct tape...

Elvina returns to Sara and brings trash bags and silver duct tape. Soon Sara was packed in two trash bags and Elvina plays with her packed captive.
Then Elvina take a seat and use Sara as her foot rest. Elvina plays on her smartphone when her friend finally arrived. So Elvina take her place next to packed Sara.

Soon Elvina was tightly tied next to Sara.

Also she was packed into the trash bag too.

And finally Elvina's friend put tape gag on both gils and connect their gag to their feet...

Then he left girls alone for struggle...